Outriders is an independent game studio currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded in Early 2019 with the start of ‘Back Then’ in a Global Game Jam, the studio’s objective is of creating engaging experiences that stick with you.

We talk about hard themes and put them in front of you, while not being afraid of asking questions and testing your beliefs…

Let’s just say we want to make people feel a little uncomfortable.


Filipe Ferreira


3D Generalist

Calebe Motta

Producer & Manager

Narrative & Game Designer

Music Producer

Carlos Pinto

3D Generalist

Level Designer

Aquiles Dias

2D Artist & Illustrator

Game & Level Designer

‘Back Then’ is a narrative-driven first-person atmospheric adventure game, with elements of detective exploration, mystery and themes of memory loss, death and transcendence.

Thomas Eilian is an elderly poet and writer diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Bound to only move around in a wheelchair, he finds himself alone for what seems like years roaming an empty house.

Thomas, feeling his own mind start to betray him due to the disease’s consequential memory loss, searches through his mementos and souvenirs for the happy memories of his family and lifetime in a last attempt to keep them. Guided by different ghosts of his life, he explores his mind throughout four seasons in an attempt to reconcile with his family and himself as he struggles against Alzheimer’s and the loss of his soul in both past and present.



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Rua Vitor Hugo 9, Areeiro, Lisboa, Portugal